Welcome! The Social Cognition and Intergroup Perception (SCIP) Laboratory investigates topics related to intergroup relations and diversity using social psychological methods.


The SCIP Lab is supervised by Jacqueline Chen, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah!


Please browse the website to learn more about our lab, and follow us on Twitter!

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Recent Lab News

6/10 Rachael Goodwin's (Doctoral Candidate in Management Science) research with Dr. Chen on why women may avoid majority-male leadership opportunities will appear in the Psychology of Women Quarterly!

6/1 Congratulations to Jasmine Norman for her all-around commendation and the B. Jack White Memorial Award!

5/6 Danielle Geerling's research with Dr. Chen on individuals' perceived contributions to diversity was accepted for publication in GPIR!

5/1 Danielle Geerling is now Dr. Danielle Geerling! Dr. Geerling begins her tenure-track position at St. Norbert College in Fall 2020!

4/24 Congratulations to Yeseul Nam for receiving the Clayton Award for Research on Underrepresented Populations, and to Jasmine Norman for receiving the Clayton Award for Excellence in Graduate Research! These awards will support Yeseul and Jasmine's important ongoing research!

4/15 The SCIP Lab is so excited to welcome graduate students Daphne Castro Lingl and Rebecca Neufeld in Fall 2020!

1/18 Dr. Chen has received a National Science Foundation CAREER award to support her research, "Fostering broader participation and thriving in STEM: A comprehensive investigation of faculty mentorship of doctoral students"!

12/15 Congratulations to Danielle Geerling, who will begin a tenure-track job at St. Norbert College in Fall 2020!

12/6 SURP student Camranh Le completed her project and earned Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation!

11/15 Congrats to Yeseul Nam for submitting the SCIP Lab's first Registered Report!

9/15 Congratulations to Jasmine Norman, who will be presenting SCIP Lab research in a symposium at SPSP 2020 in New Orleans! Laissez les bonnes ton rouler!

8/22 Dr. Chen's research with Profs. Sarah Gaither (Duke U), Kristin Pauker (U Hawaii) and Sam Sommers (Tufts U) on morphed vs. real multiracial faces is out now in Journal of Social Psychology!